Counseling & Mental Health

Welcome to the Carmichael Middle School Counseling page!Check out our CMS Holiday Mental Health Flyer  for tips on how to manage holiday stress and a list of mental health resources!

Check out our Counseling Corner Newsletter for December 2020 for holiday resources and much more.

Counseling Corner Newsletter (November, 2020)

What do we do?

  • Personal/Social Development
  • Provide the foundation for personal/social growth as students progress through school and into adulthood.
  • Academic Development
  • Implement strategies and activities to support and maximize each student's ability to learn.
  • Career Development
  • Provide the foundation for the acquisition of skills, attitudes and knowledge that enable students to make a successful transition from school to the world of work, and from job to job across the life span.

How we can help...

  • Strategies and support for improving grades
  • Organizational, test-taking, and study skills
  • Improving self-advocacy and comfort working with teachers
  • Feeling down or suicidal (or reporting a friend)
  • Concerns about being bullied or reporting bullying
  • Friendship help and mediating conflict with peers
  • Learning more about career options and life after high school
  • Personal and family challenges (e.g., mental health, substance abuse, conflict)
  • Community Resources (e.g., financial help, counseling, medical needs)




Ronelle Gall

Nina Harrison