About Our School

Our Mission

Our mission, in partnership with parents, students, and community, is to provide an educational experience within a safe, caring environment that nurtures the innate potential of each learner while promoting accountability and mutual respect in our society.

Our Facility

Carmichael Middle School serves students in grades six through eight. 49 certificated staff and classified staff work with over 950 students on a closed campus. The building encompasses two gyms, a library/media center, administrative offices and 35 specialized classrooms including art studio, two technology labs, home and family, structured self-contained, band and choir. The grounds include soccer fields, football fields, basketball courts and baseball/softball fields. 

... And some items of interest for planning a successful year

Current Addresses: Please let the office know if you have a change of address. Families must provide proof of residence such as a utility bill or rental agreement. If there is more than one address per family, please indicate where the student resides.

Emergency Numbers: It is very important that parents keep the school informed of changes in addresses and phone numbers, both home and work. Emergency contacts and phone numbers are especially crucial if a student becomes ill or injured. Please notify the school office at 509-967-6425 or 509-967-6427 when such changes occur. We can accommodate cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses as well.

Our office needs your help...

It is our desire to provide quality serve to you and your student. We are a small staff for a large middle school (three office secretaries for 950+ students). Because of the extremely busy and varied activity of a large middle school, we are asking for your help with the following items:

  • Please remember to call our attendance office, (509) 967-6427, on the mornings that your child is absent. Please don't send your sick child to school.
  • Teachers have asked that you not request homework until the 2nd day that your child is absent. Generally a student who is out one day can get caught up on homework upon his return.
  • If you are planning an absence, your student may pick up a pre-arranged absence form from the office to inform teachers and obtain homework.
  • Money for lunches may be put on account in the cafeteria. Make check payable to "RSD" and give it to Mrs. Parker (cafe supervisor) in the cafeteria. We are often inundated to deliver messages to students, requests for calls home for rides or money, deliveries of clothing, etc., and most of these are related to after-school activities, dances, or holidays. Please make arrangements with your child regarding these items in advance of the day of the activity. We have designed a year-long calendar for most, if not all, of these activities to help you plan.
  • Our policy regarding delivery of balloons, flowers, candy, etc., is that a note only will be delivered to the student. The above items tend to be a disruption to classes and are difficult to handle in the halls and on the buses, so we kindly request that you send your special student a gift at home.
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