Revised January 17, 2002

1. The season match limit is ten (10) per team and ten (10) per individual plus a jamboree.

2. The season is not to start before the first Monday after the last scheduled week of the Winter I sport season.

3. There shall not be more than two (2) matches per week, per squad and/or per individual.


5. The home team will call to determine uniform colors for the match.

6. The coach is not to be standing in front of the bench of chairs between the team and the mat while the match is in progress.

7. Weights are as follows:

78# 100# 120# 145#
85# 105# 125# 154#
90# 110# 130# 164#
95# 115# 137# 175#

8. Coaches need to pay attention to the ability of the athletes along with their weight when matching up competitors. Weigh-ins will follow the WIAA guidelines: This will allow weigh-ins after the last practice before a match or in the morning before a match. (If you do not practice the day before a match you must then weigh in the morning of). Please continue faxing weights to the other schools.

9. Hair length is to conform to the rules of the National Federation. If a referee declares that a boy's hair is too long, the coach will trim it (schools may need parent's permission) or the athlete will not be allowed to wrestle.

10. If a boy does not wrestle due to forfeit, it does NOT count as one (1) of the ten (10) allowable matches. This is according to W.I.A.A. regulations.

11. A participant may wrestle only one (1) weight division higher than his actual certified weight division. Unlimited weight wrestlers must be within 30 pounds.