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2019 CMS Volleyball Schedule



Volleyball Rules

1.              The season match limit is ten (10). 

2.              The starting date will be determined by our league. 

3.              A player or team shall not participate in more than (3) matches per week.

4.              The Guidelines and Standards adopted by W.I.A.A. will apply.  Rally scoring.

5.              Two (2) certified officials should be used when possible.

6.              Each school will have an 8th and a 7th grade team.

7.              Home ground rules will be covered before the match starts.

8.              Time: Two (2) minutes between games, ten (10) minutes between matches.

9.              Two (2) out of three (3) games win the contest.  All games will go to 25 points or two points ahead after 25.   (2).  All schools will play three (3) games no matter the outcome of the first two (2) games. The only exception will be if the principals of the participating schools have agreed to other arrangements prior to game day.

10.           Net height will be 7' 4 1/8".

11.           Antennas are required as per the W.I.A.A. handbook.

12.           Game time will be 4:00 p.m.

13.           The 7th grade team will play first.

14.           Every suited player must play.

15.           All "B" team participants must play an equal amount of time.  

16.           Warm ups will be started at 3:45 p.m. with or without a ref present.  (This will allow the games to be started on time.)

17.           B-Teams may serve 3 feet shorter than A teams (please put down tape to help the referee)