Girls Basketball

Shannon Flynn
Girls Head Coach


1. The season limit is ten (10) games and a jamboree.

2. The season is not to start before the first Monday after the last scheduled week of the Winter I season.

3. There shall be no more than (3) games per week, per squad.

4. Seventh and eighth grade A & B teams shall play no more than seven (7) minute quarters. All suited A players must play a minimum of six (6) minutes per game.

5. Game time is 4:00 p.m.

6. The seventh grade team will play first.

7. A girl shall be eligible to play on only one (1) squad in any given week.

8. The home team will call to determine jersey colors for the game.

9. Warm-up time will be fifteen (15) minutes, with ten (10) minutes between halves.

11. Recommendation: No full-court press with a large lead. An example would be a lead of fifteen (15) points.

12. All suited players in "B" games shall play an equal amount of time. No Zone Defense for "B" teams. Substitution forms must be filled out and followed except in situations involving an injury.

13. "A" Teams will follow NFHS rules except for exception pointed out in our league rule #4.

14. "B"-Teams need to be split into equally talented teams. (No C teams)

15. "B"-Teams may not full court press until the final minute of the game.

16. School that have a "B" team must have at least 12 players on the A team.