Highly Capable Programs

UPDATE: Fall Application For Highly Capable Programs

The Fall Application Window for kindergartners & new RSD students is being combined with the district's Winter Application Window and will allow accepted students to immediately join their home school's Highly Capable program.

Applications must be submitted to Toni Vonderhulls by January 15.

Application for current kindergartners

Application for current Grade 1 students

Application for current Grades 2-7 students

Students need to be challenged in order to grow.

Our Highly Capable (Hi-Cap) program offerings are geared toward pushing those students in elementary and middle school who demonstrate exceptional potential and are in need of advanced learning opportunities. Our programs include offerings available in each of our schools as well as through a magnet elementary program.

Students continue in the Building-Based and QUEST Hi-Cap programs unless withdrawn or exited.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Application Window (For Kindergartners & New RSD Students): Sept. 1 – Sept. 15
    Please refer to the top of this page for information on the modified Fall Application Window

For students new to Richland School District in Grades 1-7, please contact Toni Vonderhulls about applying for inclusion into a Hi-Cap program for the current school year.

  • Winter Application Window (For Enrollment For Next Academic Year): Oct. 15 – Jan. 15

Students with accepted consent forms will be screened in late January with those meeting qualifications being assessed beginning in February. Letters informing families of students approved for Hi-Cap or QUEST placement will be mailed in late March.

QUEST Application

Hi-Cap Application for current kindergartners

Hi-Cap Application for current Grade 1 students

Hi-Cap Application for current Grades 2-7 students

Appeals of testing results can be made using our appeals form and should be sent to Assistant Superintendent Brian Moore

Cognitive Abilities Test Details

Highly Capable Screening & Qualifying Criteria

About Highly Capable Programming

School-Based Programs

Elementary school-based Hi-Cap programs for kindergarten through Grade 5 are designed to meet the needs of students who have exceptional ability by offering challenging and enriching learning experiences. This is provided through advanced content, interaction with intellectual peers and projects and activities that create a need for advanced organization and study skills. Teaching strategies emphasize problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and the development of research skills.

QUEST Program (Grades 3-5)  

The QUEST (Question to Understand, Endeavor, Seek, Triumph) program serves students in Grades 3-5 and is located at Lewis & Clark Elementary. Children who demonstrate exceptional ability, exceed grade level standards in literacy and math, demonstrate exceptional creativity, and possess strong motivation are good candidates for the QUEST program.

Secondary School Opportunities

Students in Grades 6-8 may request consideration for the Hi-Cap programs offered at their attendance area school based on their qualifications. Students who qualify in reading will be placed in advanced English language arts, science and social studies courses. Student placement in math will be determined by qualification and performance in past math courses. 

High school students can take advantage of a variety of challenging and advanced courses. These include:

Students and parents should work with a school counselor to build a High School and Beyond Plan that best meets their needs.